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Last week : How food waste is gaining attention in Quebec

Throughout the past week, we at Eatizz have participated in 2 very stimulating events : ‘Americana’ and ‘Expo Manger Santé, Vivre Vert’ (translated to English as ‘Eat Healthy, Live Green’). The two Quebec-based projects were focusing primarily on how to tend towards sustainability nowadays. Initiatives for a more sustainable future are growing in Quebec and its capital, aiming to make every new project one with an ecological viewpoint. In this article, we will present these 2 events in which we have participated with the aim to raise awareness about food-waste in Montreal and the rest of the region.

Americana 2017 – Montreal (Quebec)

  • Waste management has become an important topic and many feel concerned and aware of it. The consequences of overconsumerism generally filled the conference rooms.
  • Climate Change has become a great way to underline the gravity of environmental pollution. The past 3 years have all seen record-breaking ice-sheet levels, it is important to be aware that all environmental problems are linked to climate change. Many conferences covered soil and water pollution, and technology often came up as the answer.
  • Innovating initiatives are often the center of attention, and supporting growing projects can give enough leverage to make a difference. Collaborating and finding ways to show mutual support was mentionned in almost every conference. « The fight for climate action only works if there is solidarity among us » – quote taken from the 3 wayste debate.
    • Who we remember ? IRDA spoke about the importance of innovating agriculture. Producing food has huge environmental impacts and changing the way it is done can make a significant difference in the near future climatic changes.
  • Technology is omnipresent in today’s society and it is obvious it must intervene in finding environmental solutions. Americana’s program enlightened environmental technologies and supported companies with a sustainable functionning.
    • Who we remember ? Veolia is becoming a huge worldwide player in waste management, and it is crystal clear that waste must be properly managed, making circular economy a must.

Expo Manger Santé, Vivre Vert – Montreal  (Quebec)

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MANGER SANTE, VIVRE VERT 2017. Conference held at the Culinary Tutorial scene by Rachelle-Berry (grocery store).

With over 385 exhibitors, ‘Expo Manger Santé, Vivre Vert‘ has become a huge influence in healthy and sustainable food in Quebec. Promoting healthy organic food products, the exhibitors aimed to open the minds of the 34,000 visitors towards a healthier and ecological lifestyle and diet. A grand majority were promoting plant-based products, a couple were dairy-based and none were meat products. That fact tells us a lot about what healthy food is today, it seems as though events like these speak for themselves and incite consumers to eat soy-based products instead of dairy and meat-based.

This 20th Montreal edition, and 17th in Quebec City, has gathered local and international food enthusiasts over 3 days and was generally speaking a success. As a consumer, you could have had access to emerging healthy and Eco-friendly companies, and informative conferences for 14$ (or 11$ for students and seniors). The event targeted families with a free-entrance for under 16 year-olds, and created a very warm welcoming atmosphere. Healthy food, ecology, and global health enthusiasts were thrilled by the abundance of flavor and colorful products, the innovative services of exhibitors, committed partners, and inspiring activities and conferences.
A conference we particularly appreciated was one given by Élise Desaulniers. Élise emphasized the minimal impact a vegan diet had on the environment. Comparing meat-based diets to vegan ones showed the drastic difference between the two. For instance, replacing 100g of beef with 100g of tofu in your meal would mean saving 3 kg of CO2 emissions released in the atmosphere.

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