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Free & Fresh food soon-to-be available in Montreal !

Complementing Eatizz and SecondLife, a third mobile application is about to join the fight against food waste in Montreal: BonApp.

The project aims to accompany consumers to take part in the solution itself by taking action on a behavioral change: sharing more and wasting less. By linking up those who have extra food with those who ask for it, the cycle can whole.

The platform offers to start with 5 available fridges for Montreal’s inhabitants, located in trusted locations, where users can deposit and/or retrieve products freely and close to their home. The project owner, Geneviève Rousseau, aims to create a sharing idealogy within Montreal’s communities by launching #PracticeAbundance.

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The innovating entrepreneur explains her concept: « When we see what we have, we become more generous, optimistic and creative in how we lead our daily lives (…) We waste food because
we can afford it. We always want more, the finest and freshest products. This results is wasting nearly as much food as we consume. BonApp offers tips and tricks to do more with the food we already have. « . It is an invitation to become aware of its abundance by sharing its fruits and vegetables or even know how to cook them effectively.

If you leave for the weekend and you salad, waste, food, eatizz, app, mobile, vegetables, fruits, fridges, community, communitarianism, sharing,have vegetables or milk which are close to their expiry date, this is the opportunity to share it with people who will make a better use of it ! Learning to how to share and cook is part of BonApp‘s values and raises awareness against food waste.

The project is being launched and is steadily approaching 3000 likes on facebook, gaining momentum on social networks Montreal and it’s for a good cause, having faith in the good deeds of the people of Montreal.

The fundraising campaign is impressive, if you also want to help the company launch its project, visit their fundraising website here.

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