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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-08-10

Yes, Netflix’s ‘Okja’ made people go veggie

The heavily satiric movie ‘Okja’ was released a few months on Netflix and aims to tackle the issues [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-06-17

What if there were no more ice on earth?

If we continue to emit as much greenhouse gases as we do today, global warming will eventually make all the ice on [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-05-25

Why Tesla’s Solar Roof would be a success in Quebec

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, created an alternative to solar panels: solar tiles or Solar Roof. Besides the fact [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-25

How to be a sustainable tourist

Have you ever cringed at tourism-linked pollution on your screensaver-lookalike beach ? You may have wondered what [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-07

The future of farming : Opting for sustainability

Farming has found itself to be a trending topic lately as linked environmental issues are proven to be on the rise. [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-01

Last week : How food waste is gaining attention in Quebec

Throughout the past week, we at Eatizz have participated in 2 very stimulating events : ‘Americana’ and [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-03-17

How food-waste is changing the fashion industry

Fashion has developed quite the eye for political opinion and expressing one’s values. After the singer Lady [...]

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greenpeace samsung galaxy note s7 waste technology save the galaxy conflict rethink reuse recycle
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-03-10

Greenpeace vs Samsung : So what is circular economy ?

If you follow Greenpeace’s facebook pages, you may have come across a video explaining circular economy using [...]

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