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lufa farms, contamination, organic, farming, eatizz, application, food-waste, fight, montreal, tedtalk, food, sustainable, healthy, environment, fertilizers, fertilizing, pollution, no pesticides
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-07-15

How to eat locally and organic in Montreal?

Lufa Farms represents the reinstatement of urban agriculture in a food system like the one in Quebec, Canada. [...]

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feed 9 billion, progress, farming, eatizz, revolution, agriculture, comment nourrir la population de demain
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-07-08

How will we feed tomorrow’s 9 billion?

By the year 2050, it is predicted we will be over 9 billion on this planet, which adds an extra 2 billion to our [...]

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