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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-07

The future of farming : Opting for sustainability

Farming has found itself to be a trending topic lately as linked environmental issues are proven to be on the rise. [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-01

Last week : How food waste is gaining attention in Quebec

Throughout the past week, we at Eatizz have participated in 2 very stimulating events : ‘Americana’ and [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-03-17

How food-waste is changing the fashion industry

Fashion has developed quite the eye for political opinion and expressing one’s values. After the singer Lady [...]

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greenpeace samsung galaxy note s7 waste technology save the galaxy conflict rethink reuse recycle
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-03-10

Greenpeace vs Samsung : So what is circular economy ?

If you follow Greenpeace’s facebook pages, you may have come across a video explaining circular economy using [...]

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Food Computer, Caleb Harper, Environmental, Climate Change, openag, future, food, amazing, variable, control,
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-02-24

This machine can home-grow your favorite food

Remember biting into that delicious exotic fruit on your summer holiday? The Food Computer will be able to grow it [...]

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arash derambarsh, lobbys, food, bollying, france, food bank, supermarkets, politics, law
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-02-03

« There is an unimaginable pressure exerted by food lobbies » Arash Derambarsh says

The Courbevoie (Parisian suburb) republican politician and former UDF (French Democratic Union), Arash Derambarsh, [...]

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georges laraque, canadiens de montreal, vegan food, good for you, affect others, impact, vegan is life
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-12-01

« Being vegan is the best thing you can do for the environment »

Meat-eaters usually decide to become vegetarian and vegan for two main reasons. These are directly linked to the [...]

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fridges, food for share, sharing is caring, free food for free people, do it yourself, communitarianism, community, society
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-10-24

« These Fridges reminded me of what living in community meant » -Catherine Adam

This week, Eatizz met up with Catherine Adam, one of the managing members of community fridges in Montreal (see [...]

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