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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-08-10

Yes, Netflix’s ‘Okja’ made people go veggie

The heavily satiric movie ‘Okja’ was released a few months on Netflix and aims to tackle the issues [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-06-17

What if there were no more ice on earth?

If we continue to emit as much greenhouse gases as we do today, global warming will eventually make all the ice on [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-01

Last week : How food waste is gaining attention in Quebec

Throughout the past week, we at Eatizz have participated in 2 very stimulating events : ‘Americana’ and [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-01-16

Vegan food: What are the health and environmental implications?

The vegan diet is getting more and more attention these days, and it is important to understand what it is and what [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-12-01

« Being vegan is the best thing you can do for the environment »

Meat-eaters usually decide to become vegetarian and vegan for two main reasons. These are directly linked to the [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-09-30

How food-waste impacts Climate Change

This summer, Eatizz visited Quebec’s biggest environmental event Ecosphere to raise awareness about food [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-07-15

How to eat locally and organic in Montreal?

Lufa Farms represents the reinstatement of urban agriculture in a food system like the one in Quebec, Canada. [...]

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