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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-05-25

Why Tesla’s Solar Roof would be a success in Quebec

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, created an alternative to solar panels: solar tiles or Solar Roof. Besides the fact [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-25

How to be a sustainable tourist

Have you ever cringed at tourism-linked pollution on your screensaver-lookalike beach ? You may have wondered what [...]

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future of farming, agriculture, urban, in the city, tomorrow, environmental problems, intensive, pollution, solution, innovation, singapour, vertical farming, food, eatizz
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-04-07

The future of farming : Opting for sustainability

Farming has found itself to be a trending topic lately as linked environmental issues are proven to be on the rise. [...]

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Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-03-17

How food-waste is changing the fashion industry

Fashion has developed quite the eye for political opinion and expressing one’s values. After the singer Lady [...]

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Food Computer, Caleb Harper, Environmental, Climate Change, openag, future, food, amazing, variable, control,
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-02-24

This machine can home-grow your favorite food

Remember biting into that delicious exotic fruit on your summer holiday? The Food Computer will be able to grow it [...]

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cake, environment, technology, future, food, fao, amazing, wow, creativity, affect, impact, tech, high-tech, new, 3D systems
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2017-01-29

How technology is changing food today

We’ve seen how technology has greatly affected agricultural systems over the past decades with the green [...]

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lufa farms, contamination, organic, farming, eatizz, application, food-waste, fight, montreal, tedtalk, food, sustainable, healthy, environment, fertilizers, fertilizing, pollution, no pesticides
Posté par Pierre Brian Imart le 2016-07-15

How to eat locally and organic in Montreal?

Lufa Farms represents the reinstatement of urban agriculture in a food system like the one in Quebec, Canada. [...]

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