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How to eat locally and organic in Montreal?

Lufa Farms represents the reinstatement of urban agriculture in a food system like the one in Quebec, Canada.

The idea consists in sustainably growing fruits and vegetables where people live without contributing tolufa farms, fermes lufa, organic, vegetables, fruits, home grown, ecologie, ecology, soil, contamination, pollution, biologique greenhouse gases and agricultural-linked pollution. They offer a large variety of organic products such as meat, dairy products and « ugly » fruits and vegetables, like SecondLife. In 2011, Lufa is the first commercial farm in the world to be built on a rooftop. Their second greenhouse was built in 2013 on the rooftops of Montreal’s little sister: Laval.

« Through innovation and technology, we are striving to change the way cities eat »

The serial entrepreneur Mohamed Hage is surrounded by engineers, environmentalists, scientists and marketers in the creation of one of the most innovative and sustainable projects in Montreal. The project encourages:

  • consuming freshly picked productscarrot, kale, lufa farms, organic, food, biologique, santé, healthy, no pesticides, naturel, natural, legumes, vegetables, fruits
  • a local agricultural production, which reduces useless transport of essential foods
  • an organic production (without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides NI) and a better use of compost and organic matter
  • the idea that there is no need to use/pollute more lands to grow crops
  • agricultural autonomy and energetic efficiency (solar panels)
  • the use of rain water, how it can be saved and recycled

Montréal: A sustainable example

To ensure an effective agricultural system, it is important to develop a certain expertise and adapted technologies based upon quantitative data. Adapting its technique over the years, Lufa Farms wants to set a worldwide example of how a sustainable, organic and commercially viable project can be set up in a city.

montreal, together, organic, farming, agriculture, quebec, ecology, Already producing near 1% of Quebec’s crops, urban agriculture helps:

  • Beautify and transform the urban environment
  • Reducing Montreal’s urban heat island
  • Recycling and shift towards a permaculture system
  • Having access to cheaper and local products

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