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Why Tesla’s Solar Roof would be a success in Quebec

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, created an alternative to solar panels: solar tiles or Solar Roof. Besides the fact that they will be part of your house, the objective remains the same : convert sunlight into electricity. Not only are the tiles produced under 4 different models but are sold with a life warranty for their unbreakable aspect. In this article, we will visit the advantages and disadvantages of installing such a technology in Quebec.

Powerwall: autonomous energy

Powerwall provides backup power in the event of a power outage due to distribution issues, natural disasters or even a zombie attack. It is therefore a reliable source of energy, functioning day and night. Compact and equipped with an integrated wave, the Powerwall is also designed to harmoniously integrate Tesla’s solar roof. You will therefore be able to manage your electricity independently and disconnect from the regional energy network if you wish.

How much does a Solar Roof cost?

Elon Musk says buying solar tiles would end up cheaper than buying so-called natural tiles. Is it true?

$ 21.85/sq ft, that’s the price Tesla sells its tiles for, however, they so notorious that you must deposit 1k to show you’re serious about the offer. It’s important to take into account that Tesla’s Solar Roof isn’t as efficient everywhere. Non-Tesla-subsidized studies show that if you live in an area where your air conditioning and/or heating are not a big part of your expenses throughout the year, it is not profitable to install a Solar Roof. However, if you live in a sunny area where it can get very hot or very cold, it is profitable to install a Solar Roof due to high electricity consumption billsThat being said, do not reason in the same way if you do not need a new roof, choosing a Tesla roof could then be a bad environmental and economic choice.

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A life warranty

With an integrated Powerwall battery, the energy gathered during the day is stored and made available for you at any time, which turns your home into a personal utility. Solar glass tiles are a perfect case of sustainability and Tesla even guarantees them for life, not your life but that of your house, which can be proven very useful in case of ecological disaster or in case of premature death.

Consequently, the aim of this article was to raise Quebec inhabitants’ awareness concerning Tesla’s new sustainable alternative and why the Solar Roof is already successful for several reasons: ergonomics, economy and energy autonomy. However, we would also like to advise you not be utopian about new technologies of this type. It is understood that they are sold as revolutionary but are not as effective everywhere and for everyone. You have to be open and tolerant as your geographical location directly affects the Solar Roof‘s efficiency, hence the pictogram above. In Quebec, having a Solar Roof would be very practical due to the enormous amount of money spent on electricity. However, to be completely honest, we’re not sure regional electric companies may not be on board with this type of alternative.

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