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This company delivers « ugly » fruit & vegetables close to your home

Nature does not always comply with our beauty standards when it comes to Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.43.58 PMfruits and vegetables. The asymmetric food you see here may seem unusual but it remains perfectly edible. This desire to consume the perfect fruit leads to billions of kilograms thrown away every year. A Montreal start-up company is addressing the problem by offering « ugly » fruit and vegetable baskets at discounted prices.

Thanks to SecondLife, you can have it delivered at certain pick-up points in Montreal in order to reduce food waste and save up on your weekly expenses!

We took a look at SecondLife‘s offered baskets on their website and here is an example of what you can buy for $8:
450g of potatoes, 250g of peppers, 1 lettuce, 3 bananas, 2 cherry tomatoes clusters, 1 honeydew, 4 cucumbers, 2 eggplants and 450g of sweet potatoes.

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Young entrepreneurs Thibaut Martelain and Quentin Dumoulin formally invite you to compare these prices with those of your usual grocery store to forge yourself an opinion about the benefits of local and organic products while contributing to reducing food waste and therefore reducing the additional agricultural pollution.

The project’s goal is to change the way they think about food wastage and ensure that the « ugly » fruits and vegetables are no longer ignored by distributors and consumers.

second life, farm fresh vegetables on table, eatizz, application, mobile, free food, cheap, vegetables, fruits, legumes, obile, app, montreal, quebec, canadaThey may not be as convenient to peel, but the sustainable business model is spreading throughout the whole of Quebec thanks to supermarket giants such as Maxi (Loblaw) with their « naturally imperfect » potatoes and IGA‘s « les moches ». The wingspan that takes this movement contributes to changing mindsets through Montreal and its region and encourages large companies to also adopt an eco-responsible behavior in the rest of the world.

By combining this model with Lufa Farms’, your ecological footprint would reduce considerably without putting the life of your wallet at risk.

This system helps with the removal of successful business stereotypes and gives way to new concepts: eating well, for cheaper !

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